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This section provides you with articles and health programs written by Dr Marshall that describe his methods for keeping flock birds healthy and productive. There is information about pigeons of all types, backyard chickens, exhibition and game fowl, Gouldian finches and other finches, canaries, budgerigars and all species of parrots.


The various health and nutritional programs described follow an easy to follow weekly routine and are detailed under each bird type. The benefits of these programs are rapidly revealed by the increased activity across the entire flock and an enhanced feather brightness that both appear within 2 weeks of starting these programs. The longer-term results are also dramatic with startling improvements in egg quality and breeding outcomes occurring as a consequence of the enhanced health status of the entire flock.


There are many different program options available and Dr Marshall is always happy to custom design a health program for your particular flock.

Click here to view the breeding programme for your type of flock bird.

See our comprehensive range of products for birds, designed to maximise health and improve wellbeing.

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