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Dr Rob Marshall has developed a comprehensive range of products for birds designed to maximise health and improve wellbeing in a purely natural way. Each product plays a specific role in providing your bird with all of its nutrition requirements and more. It is recommended that these products are used as part of an ongoing health programme and in many cases, Dr Marshall will provide you with a specialised programme tailored specifically to your bird.


Seasonal nutritional programmes designed specifically for aviary birds including budgerigars, pigeons, parrots, finches and canaries have also been developed and incorporate the use of Dr Marshall's products to ensure optimal health throughout breeding, the moult and for young birds. Please browse through the information below to learn more about the role of each product.


Shipping Rates (within Australia)

Up to 3kg: $16

Up tp 5kg: $28

Over 5kg: Postage calculated by weight.

Surcharges may apply to orders over 5kg.

For Australian orders over 5kg, please contact us for a shipping quote.

To place an order, please click on the product categories below.

US Stores:


UK Stores:


See the visual effects of these food supplements and health additives on your pet bird.

Culture tested and contamination free seed that protects health.


Watch food preparation videos for fruit and seed eating pet birds.

Turbobooster now contains Lecithin and, as a result, has a smoother, more yellow appearance. 

Dr Marshall and Tailai O'Brien have developed a culture tested bean mix for larger parrots to provide them with variety and a low Glycaemic Index (GI) food.

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