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Sterile Seed Mix


  • Culture tested.


  • Free of all contamination.

  • Protects health.

  • All birds love the taste.

The culture tested seed allows immunity to be restored and ensures a rapid recovery that is not compromised by contaminated food. Ensure your bird is eating by checking for seed husks as well as the number and size of droppings on the cleaned cage floor.


This seed mix is direct from the farmer and has been harvested under our stringent instructions so that it is free of all contamination. When used in conjuction with the recommended vitamin and mineral supplements as the basis of Dr Rob's Ongoing Health Programmes, you can rest assured your bird is receiving nothing but the best!

See the visual effects of these food supplements and health additives on your pet bird.

Culture tested and contamination free seed that protects health.

Watch food preparation videos for fruit and seed eating pet birds.

Turbobooster now contains Lecithin and, as a result, has a smoother, more yellow appearance. 

Dr Marshall and Tailai O'Brien have developed a culture tested bean mix for larger parrots to provide them with variety and a low Glycaemic Index (GI) food.

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