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Pigeon Care


Dr Rob Marshall is a bird veterinarian with a special interest in sports medicine.


Dr Rob Marshall's health programmes emphasize the importance of developing a strong natural resistance in the young birds, so that they are more capable of withstanding the pressures of racing and the diseases picked up in the race basket. Dr Marshall's programmes use natural products to enhance health during the breeding season, young bird development and race season. During racing the clever and wise use of antibiotic medicines, combined with the proven health products are used to protect and enhance the performance of the race team and produce startling and consistent race results.


Comprehensive information on Dr Marshall's principles of good management in racing pigeons is available in his latest publication, "The Pigeon Health Calendar". This month by month booklet guides fanciers through the seasonal care of pigeons.


For squab farms, the Squab Health book is now out of print but registered clients may now view it in the Clients Only section and enjoy reading about the specialised squab pigeon health programmes, which are based upon the successful racing pigeon programmes.


Dr Marshall also offers a remarkable service to the fancy, through his novel system of monitoring the health and fitness of the racing pigeon. Details of his methods of attaining top health and performance are outlined in the videos, "Disease Management of Pigeons", "Superhealth in Racing Pigeons", and in his latest publication "The Pigeon Health Calendar".


Dr Marshall's knowledge and expertise with racing pigeons has been used to develop health programmes and strategies for fancy pigeons and commercial squab farms. This web page introduces pigeon fanciers and newcomers to pigeon keeping and "the best practice" of pigeon care.

Information on Rollers, Tumblers, High Flyers, as well as health and disease prevention.

Information on fancy pigeons and important aspects of show pigeon health.

The common signs of respiratory disease in racing pigeons and checklist.

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