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Our Hospital


Carlingford Animal Hospital prides itself on providing the highest quality pet care and personalised veterinary service. Our recent renovations have created a state-of-the-art bird, dog and cat veterinary hospital where Dr Marshall and our highly trained nurses Beck, Tailai and Casey use their experience and knowledge to provide your pets with the very best veterinary care available.

When you visit our hospital we not only want to make sure that your pet receives the best care, we also want to make it an interesting and educational experience for the whole family. We invite you and your family to visit our new hospital to see the exciting new changes. During your visit you can also browse through our interactive touchscreen display which has been designed to teach our clients more about their pets in an entertaining way. Children are welcome and love to play on the touchscreen.

Our website is also undergoing many exciting new changes and we encourage you look through this website to learn more about the best care for your bird, cat or dog. Registered clients can log into our clients only section for detailed information on each of the bird species as well as access to Dr Marshall's online books. You can also take an online tour of our hospital and meet our staff so you can see the quality of our services for yourself.

State of the Art


Our state of the art digital x-ray systems and in house pathology enable us to pin point the cause of your pet's problem quickly and usually whilst you wait. This is particularly important for bird problems where a quick diagnosis is critical to a favourable outcome. Here at Carlingford Animal Hospital, we have the skills, expertise and care to ensure that your pet receives the ultimate care. Although we are not open 7 days a week, you can rest assured that we will always be available when you need us. Our head nurse Beck lives nearby and Dr Marshall is only a phone call away for all pets under his care.


Annual Health Screen


We now recommend an annual Health Screen programme for birds, cats and dogs. This programme was introduced earlier this year and was received very favourably by our clients and is proving to be a very simple yet powerful tool in prolonging the healthy life of your pet. The health screen involves a thorough physical examination and may include additional tests such as blood tests, dropping tests and cultures. It enables us to make an early diagnosis of many common diseases that would otherwise go unrecognised. This approach encompasses our philosophy of pro-active health care for pets and full details are available on our webpage.


Tailai's Animal Farm


Our new animal yard is also a great place for children and features Angiebelle the Alpaca, Ruggles the Llama, Heidi the Jersey Calf, Angus the black calf, baby lambs and piglets for bottle feeding, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducklings, chickens and assorted new baby animals. Tailai looks after these animals as part of her business called Party Pets. The animals are here Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays or if you need them for a party or event, you can contact Tailai directly on 0419 627 280 or by email at


Feel free to give us a call on (02) 9871 6036 to make an appointment for your pet's health screen or simply to visit our state-of-the-art clinic to see the exciting new changes.

Take a photographic tour of our state of the art clinic.

Explore our interactive touchscreen in the waiting room, with entertaining videos and photos, and important pet care information.


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