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Product Videos


Watch our bird product videos online below. These explain the effects of each product on pet birds and pigeons.





This liquid is a sugar free vitamin A, D & E supplement of the most purified form (i.e. injection quality) which provides a rich source of vitamins A, D, E & B complex. The immediate effect of Dufoplus is to intensify activity and yellow based feather colours. Its long term effect is to improve natural resistance and maintain good health in pet birds.


Dufoplus for Pet Birds

Dufoplus for Pigeons



This liquid is a sugar free supplement which provides the trace minerals iodine, iron, calcium & magnesium. The immediate visual effect of Ioford is to increase feather tonal contrast and create intense black and white shades. Its long term benefits include improved fertility and breeding performance. Ioford is given for two days each week for most birds.

Ioford for Pet Birds

Ioford for Pigeons



This powder contains sea salts and tiny coral sea shells that provides your pet bird with all its minerals needs in a highly palatable form. F-vite provides all of the mineral needs of birds during breeding, moulting and young bird growth.

F-Vite for Pet Birds

F-Vite for Pigeons

E Powder


This powder is an energy and vitamin B supplement that provides energy and those B-vitamins lacking in fruits, vegetables, pulses and seeds. This palatable powder helps protect your bird from the effect of environmental stresses and is usually given three days each week.


E Powder for Pet Birds

E Powder for Pigeons

KD Powder


This is a multipurpose water cleanser given in the drinking water to acidify the crop contents. It naturally maintains perfect health and may also be used as a disinfectant.

KD Powder for Pet Birds

KD Powder for Pigeons



This product is added to the drinking water to control water contamination problems and maintain correct pH. Megamix is useful in controlling environmental diseases and maintaining good health, particularly in young birds. Megamix is a mixture of organic acids used to protect the health of the flock during wet weather or when the humidity rises above 65%.

Megamix for Pet Birds

Megamix for Pigeons

Quik Gel


Energy, vitamins and a disinfecting agent all in one! Quik Gel is a high energy emergency gel used to accelerate recovery from illness and temporarily prevent an infection from worsening while waiting for the results of culture tests.

Quik Gel for Pet Birds

Quik Gel for Pigeons

See the visual effects of these food supplements and health additives on your pet bird.

Culture tested and contamination free seed that protects health.

Watch food preparation videos for fruit and seed eating pet birds.

Turbobooster now contains Lecithin and, as a result, has a smoother, more yellow appearance. 

Dr Marshall and Tailai O'Brien have developed a culture tested bean mix for larger parrots to provide them with variety and a low Glycaemic Index (GI) food.

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This syrup is an amino acid, protein, fatty acid and vitamin B supplement. The immediate visual effect of Turbobooster is to intensify colour and create a sheen to the feathers. Long term benefits include enhanced immunity, increased activity and improved breeding performance.

Turbobooster offers birds all the benefits of a balanced protein and fatty acid diet without any side effects. Most birds require Turbobooster three days each week but some birds (e.g. Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons and large parrots) with higher fatty acid and protein needs are given Turbobooster more frequently.


Turbobooster for Pigeons

Turbobooster for Pet Birds

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