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Total Effects


By combining the use of our products you will see their visual effects on your pet bird within 3 days!

Effects include:


  • Increased feather colour, shine and tightness.


  • Increased beak colour and shine.

  • Brightens eye.

  • Increases activity.

  • Improves appetite.

  • Calming.

  • Improved foot circulation.

  • Encourages curiosity.

  • Encourages learning.

  • Improves tameness.


It also creates total health and happiness, including the following signs:


  • A red tuft of feather.


  • Inquisitiveness.

  • Colour intensity and lustre.


But most importantly, the products protect against illness.

See the visual effects of these food supplements and health additives on your pet bird.

Culture tested and contamination free seed that protects health.

Watch food preparation videos for fruit and seed eating pet birds.

Turbobooster now contains Lecithin and, as a result, has a smoother, more yellow appearance. 

Dr Marshall and Tailai O'Brien have developed a culture tested bean mix for larger parrots to provide them with variety and a low Glycaemic Index (GI) food.

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