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A wide variety of parrot species - each with its own individual needs - are available as pet birds in Australia. In the wild, these birds inhabit many diverse environments and span several climatic zones so when talking about the diet and care of pet birds it is helpful to separate them into groups based upon the food they eat in Nature and their foraging behaviour. Our Complete System of Care for Pet Birds has been developed based on this knowledge and is the starting point for any bird owner wanting to provide the very best care for their pet bird.


This section includes practical information on the most popular parrot species kept as pets. Please click on the type of bird that interests you and for further information, log into our clients only section. Here you will find lots more specialised information, tailor made for each bird species including budgerigars, cockatiels, cockatoos, eclectus parrots, conures, Asiatics and more. You will also have access to Dr Marshall's detailed research into the natural behaviours and requirements of your particular pet species in the wild.


We encourage our clients to log in to this section to learn about the special requirements and best weekly care, nutrition, and health for your pet bird. If you are already registered as a client please click here to log in. For those who would like to register, please contact us to make an appointment for your pet bird today.

Helpful information on how to look after your new pet bird.

See our comprehensive range of products for birds, designed to maximise health and improve wellbeing.

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