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Feeding And The Food Supplements


The selection of the feed you give your pet bird is vital to its continuing health, because the majority of health problems originate from the food.


In my experience, as a bird veterinarian, poor nutrition, poor quality feed and unhygienic water are the most common causes of illness in the pet bird. Many seed preparations (seed bells, millet sprays and commercial mixes) and grits are contaminated with bacteria, fungus and fungal toxins. These germs are extremely harmful to the health of the pet bird and especially those birds fed seed and grit alone. I recommend that only the best quality seed be fed to your pet bird.


Why give health supplements?


There is a mistaken belief that seed and grit is all that birds need to eat. This notion is false. Grain and grit do not provide the nutritional balance required to keep your pet bird in top health. In the wild, birds get their vitamins, minerals and extra protein from native herbs, the soil and tree branches. in captivity we must provide these important nutritional substances. The addition of these health supplements to the seed and water is a must and provides your pet bird with perfect health care.

Pet birds fed on seed and grit alone:


  • Lack personality and vigour.


  • Rarely talk.


  • Have poor feather colour.


  • Are more susceptible to illness.

Birds fed on seed and the health supplements:


  • Look healthier.


  • Are more active.


  • Are more colourful.


  • Are more likely to talk.


  • Make much better pets.

A visible difference is seen when high quality health supplements are given.


Within three weeks of using good quality health supplements you will notice a marked increase in the activity of your pet together with an increased shine and colour intensity of the feathers and beak. You will also see that the droppings become smaller and firmer. These are the signs of good health in the pet bird. Following a weekly health programme gives your bird the best chance of being a happy pet. Remember, without good health your bird will never talk.


Although it would seem far more convenient to provide the pet bird with every nutritional requirement in the one product, this is not technically possible.


In storage, the vitamins (Dufoplus) must remain separated from the trace elements (Ioford) until the time they are mixed in the water. The immune stimulating fatty acids and protein (Turbobooster) can only be given on the feed because it is oil. The calcium and other minerals (F-Vite) must be given as a dry powder.


At first, the addition of supplements sounds complex, but after a week or so this necessary routine becomes part and parcel of looking after your pet bird.


Ultimately the addition of the health supplements is a time saving process that will keep your pet in top health.


Helpful information on how to look after your new pet bird.

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