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The Modern Day Exhibition Budgerigar


The simple fact is that the modern day budgerigar is susceptible to illness.

The wild budgerigar has adapted and prospered for 4 million years in the deserts of Australia because under the correct conditions (rain) it is a prolific breeder. The 4 million years of prolific breeding still remains in the blood (genes) of the modern day budgerigar and can be restored by providing it with exactly the same conditions that made the wild bird so successful. We call this "Good Aviary Management".

Get back to the basics! Take time to understand the term "Good Aviary Management".

Good Aviary Management


The best feeding system provides, more than anything else, ENERGY!


Energy is the reason the wild budgerigar chick grows so quickly playing an even more important role for the modern day aviary budgerigar because of its increased feather and body mass. As well, the parents are feeding the chicks for much longer and the addition of nutritional supplements to balance the food equation has become a necessary part of breeding success.


A clean aviary, water and food.


The wild budgerigar has adapted to the open spaces and sun bleached soils of the dry inland. Like the aviary bird it is highly susceptible to unclean air (dust) and moisture. The most successful health systems incorporate "cleansers" into their health management programmes.


A sound breeding system promotes a strong natural resistance by using strong vital breeders.


Natural Selection is the basis of the breeding success in the wild budgerigar and it follows that the same principles must apply to the aviary bird.


The correct aviary design and bird numbers promoting security and proper rest.


Like us, the budgerigar becomes susceptible to illness when it is deprived of proper rest. The aviary environment must also be physically and psychologically stimulating.


The wise use of medicines.


The level of aviary management determines when and how to use medicines correctly. It is far better to rectify poor aviary practices rather than resort to medicines, because in the long run medicines cannot cure management mistakes. In poorly managed aviaries it is often better to avoid all antibiotic medicines and let the laws of nature and survival of the fittest to rule.


The Health Programmes are used to improve breeding results and to protect the young birds.


The informed use of medicines as part of a preventative health programme dramatically improves breeding results and enhances the health and natural resistance of the overcrowded young birds.



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