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Health Products for Exhibition Budgergiars


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The Super Health Products






















The Cleansers


The water and feed cleansers have been developed to minimise the use of antibiotic medicines, protecting the birds from illness by lowering the germ counts in the seed, water, bowel and aviary. The cleansers are also used in aviaries with low level infections to protect the immune system and promote a strong natural resistance in the flock.














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The prescription medicines available on consultation.


DufoPlus - A potent sugar free multivitamin used to colour intensify the yellow range in the feathers, to improve breeding performance.


E-Powder - Developed especially for breeding a faster growing budgerigar.


F-vite - A energised vitamin-mineral sterile grit given throughout the year but especially favoured by the feeding parent. When using F-vite, there is no need to use any other form of grit.


Ioford - An iron, iodine and calcium trace element supplement (given in the water) for vitality.


NV Powder - This combination of vitamins and minerals is for fussy, new and sick birds.


TurboBooster - A protein, fatty acid, garlic and energy vitamin oil used for feeding parents to nurture a strong level of natural resistance in the young. It also energises and prepares the show bird by creating an obvious sheen and tightness to the feather.


Cage Cleanser - A pleasant and effective aviary cleanser used in rotation with a water cleanser.


Food Cleanser - An effective and safe seed cleanser controlling bacterial and fungal contamination of seed. It has been developed to minimise the effects of these harmful germs, but culture test seed still remains the best seed option and especially for soaked seed.


Water Cleanser - This water cleanser has a variety of functions, but its primary use is to keep the germ count as low as possible during breeding and young bird development.

Andrew McFarlane's soft food recipe is eagerly consumed by breeding birds.

Information on the significance of Polyomavirus on the overall health and breeding success of exhibition budgerigars.

"The Budgerigar" is an internationally acclaimed definitive text on exhibition budgerigars.

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