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Soft Food Recipe


A dry seed mix consisting of several varieties of millets, plain canary seed, soft wheat, and hulled oats supplemented with cuttle-fish, shell grit and green foods is an adequate diet for budgerigars that are not breeding. However, additional energy, protein, vitamin and minerals are need during the moult and breeding seasons.

Andrew McFarlane's Budgerigar Soft Food (see below PDF for recipe and preparation instructions) is the simplest, best and safest method for providing these additional nutrients for breeding and moulting budgerigars.

Turbobooster (now Lecithin enriched), E-powder and F-vite are the powerhouse ingredients of this highly successful soft food recipe that uses boiled eggs and Passwells 15% finch crumbles to form a light, fluffy and highly palatable soft food that is readily accepted by breeding birds.

Dr Rob Marshall's nutritional products may also be provided in a soaked seed mix, but ensure the seed batch has been culture tested prior to soaking. Refer to pages 92-97 of
"The Budgerigar" book for a more detailed description of soft seed recipes for breeding budgerigars.

The prepared soft food mix is available directly from Andrew McFarlane in frozen, vacuum-packed bags. Call 0428 596 400 to order.


Andrew McFarlane's soft food recipe is eagerly consumed by breeding birds.

Information on the significance of Polyomavirus on the overall health and breeding success of exhibition budgerigars.

"The Budgerigar" is an internationally acclaimed definitive text on exhibition budgerigars.

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