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"The Budgerigar"


By Dr Rob Marshall




This is the definitive book on Budgerigars, containing information essential for keeping Budgerigars as pet birds, in aviaries, and especially, in the development of exhibition bloodlines. Every pertinent topic is covered, including Budgerigars in the wild, behavior, environment, nutrition, health, genetics, and breeding.

  • Hardback.


  • 415 pages.

  • Over 2000 colour photographs and charts.


"The Budgerigar" is available for purchase online. Please click here for more information.




Andrew McFarlane's soft food recipe is eagerly consumed by breeding birds.

Information on the significance of Polyomavirus on the overall health and breeding success of exhibition budgerigars.

"The Budgerigar" is an internationally acclaimed definitive text on exhibition budgerigars.

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