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Dog, Cat & Bird Services 


At Carlingford Animal Hospital we offer a complete range of veterinary services for the diagnosis and treatment of your dog, cat or bird. We can also provide you pet with all of its health care needs including nutritional supplements, shampoos, worming and flea and tick control. Our services include:

  • Annual check-ups


  • Consultations


  • Vaccinations


  • Dental examinations


  • Anaesthesia


  • Surgery

  • Radiology

  • Boarding (birds, small dogs and cats)

  • Pet bird training with our bird behaviouralist, Tailai O'Brien

Bird Services for Distant Clients


Due to new veterinary regulations, it is not possible to prescribe medicines for any patient unless a physical examination of the animal has been performed. This may take place at Carlingford Animal Hospital or at one of Dr Marshall's Bird Health Seminars, which are conducted in various regions throughout Australia. Please contact your local bird club for information on upcoming meetings.

If you have any queries regarding your bird's health, Dr Marshall is happy to offer his advice but no medicines will be prescribed unless a physical examination has taken place and your client registration is complete.

Compared to dogs, cats and other pet animals, it is far more difficult for a veterinarian to diagnose health problems in birds, because of their small size and the fact that birds hide symptoms of illness until they are very ill. The correct diagnosis requires talking to you about your bird, looking at your bird's droppings under the microscope, culture tests of the droppings and throat. Sometimes X-rays and also special blood tests are required to confirm a diagnosis. Dropping samples can be submitted by post after talking to Dr Marshall over the phone when it is impossible for you to visit the hospital.


Consultation Options


  • By phone: (02) 9871 7113


  • Fax: (02) 9873 2175



  • Or in person to:

    Carlingford Animal Hospital

    772 Pennant Hills Road
    Carlingford NSW 2118





















Diagnostic Options


  • Send droppings by post.


  • Send birds by courier.


  • Come in person with droppings and birds.


After a few minutes talking with you, Dr Marshall can get a very good idea of the health problems in your birds and the best first aid advice is then offered. There is no charge for this service. Emergency first aid medicines can be sent to arrive the very next day. These are used to control the illness immediately whilst further tests may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis.

The exact diagnosis usually requires the analysis of fresh droppings. The droppings are collected and sent according to the special instructions outlined below. Immediately on arrival, the droppings are processed and examined carefully under the microscope. These tests confirm that the emergency first aid medicines are indeed the best option for your birds' illness. However, a further culture test (the droppings are grown on a special plate and incubated for 48-72 hours) is taken to understand your problem completely, so that it doe not occur again.

Special blood tests or pathology and post mortem may be recommended for long-standing and complex disease problems.

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