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Pet Bird Training


Training and behavioural classes for new and problem pet birds are now being held at Carlingford Animal Hospital. The classes are conducted by Tailai O'Brien, who, in conjunction with Dr Marshall, has developed new training techniques for pet birds. One on one classes with you and your bird are conducted on Saturday mornings by appointment only at a cost of $99.00. Over the one hour lesson, Tailai will instruct you on training routines that will ensure your bird is completely happy, healthy and able to fulfill its potential as a pet. For more information contact Tailai at or phone Carlingford Animal Hospital on (02) 9871 6036.


Preliminary Health Check with Dr Marshall


Prior to consultation with Tailai your pet bird is required to have a complete health check with Dr Marshall. A bird that is not perfectly healthy is unable to respond to these training classes and will not reach its full potential as an interactive member of the family.


Pet Bird Pre-School Class


Owning a companion bird is a long term commitment. With the correct care and training, your new bird will develop into a brilliant pet and life long companion.

Companion birds are highly social animals and require a commited owner. By providing your bird with daily training routines and all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for perfect health, your new feathered friend will be physically and emotionally fulfilled. Once you and your bird are familiar with training and feeding routines, you will have a better understaninding of each other. Even from these early stages, you will notice a bond developing between you and your bird.

Tailai's pre-school class teaches new bird owners how their bird can become more than a pet, but a healthy, well adjusted, key member of the family. The class introduces techniques for ongoing pet maintenance, as well as how to develop a strong relationship with your pet bird.


  • Physical care requirements.


  • Basic handling techniques.

  • Understanding your birds language.

  • Bonding and building trust.

  • Teaching independence.

  • Socialising your new bird.


Advanced Training Class


Many people are unaware of the ability of pet birds to communicate with humans in a meaningful fashion. This cognitive ability provides the opportunity for you to develop a lasting bond with your pet bird. With Tailai's instruction, you will learn to communicate effectively with your bird, and it with you. When provided with the correct care and interaction, your bird will thrive and reach its potential as a true companion.

Tailai's Advanced Class provides the opportunity for pet birds to develop their congnitive abilities. This class also teaches how to achieve a loving control over your pet bird that will guide it through the various phases of development. This allows the bird to be confident, able to make choices and engage in positive social interaction within a captive environment.


  • Maintaining control of your bird.


  • Teaching your bird commands.


  • Teaching your bird to talk.


  • Teaching your bird cognitive skills.


  • Trick training.



See photos of pet birds in training.

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