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Parrots As Pets





African Grey

African Love Bird


Indian Ring Neck

Larger Tropical Lorikeets

Black Capped Lory

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo


Black Cockatoo

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Gang Gang Cockatoo





Quaker Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

King Parrot

Princess Parrot

Superb Parrot

Regents Parrot


Small Australian Lorikeets


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Where to buy your pet bird?


Pets shops are very good places for you to buy budgerigars, canaries and peach faces. Whereas specialised bird shops are the best bet for hand reared pet birds. Above all, select a clean shop with healthy birds and a good reputation.


What are the best pet birds?


When hand reared, most Australian or overseas parrots make great pets, but some are more suitable than others. The larger parrots are more demanding than the smaller birds. They are also much noisier, but on the other hand, they are better talkers and make life long pets.


Dr Marshall's top choices for pet birds are the budgerigar, cockatiel, green cheeked conure and Eclectus parrot.

"My favourite birds are quiet, intelligent and don't bite."


The budgerigar, cockatiel, kakariki, princess parrot, regent, king parrot, grass parrot and smaller lorikeets make delightful pet birds, all capable of talking. You should visit the specialised bird shops and look at the variety and beauty of the many birds available as pet.

A wide variety of parrot species are available as pet birds in Australia. Hand reared male birds of any species always make better pets as they have an increased ability to interact and are less prone to breeding related illness. Whilst female birds still make excellent pets, they are prone to egg laying problems and other health issues. A number of parrot species are sexually monomorphic as juveniles, which means gender cannot be determined through physical characteristics. For such birds, we always recommend surgical or DNA sexing prior to purchase. The following information is designed to give a brief overview of the different parrot species available as pets and help prospective owners select a bird that is most suited to their needs. Our thanks go to Tailai O'Brien (bird behaviouralist) for her contribution to information on the behavioural aspects of the birds discussed in this section.

Helpful information on how to look after your new pet bird.

See our comprehensive range of products for birds, designed to maximise health and improve wellbeing.

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