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Now enriched with Lecithin.


Turbobooster now contains Lecithin and as a result has a smoother more yellow appearance. We have also instilled Turbobooster with an ultraviolet activity that makes it more appealing to birds. Pet birds, breeding birds, show birds and performance birds will all benefit from the new formulation.


Lecithin has been included for two reasons:


  1. Firstly, its presence improves the energy pathways in the bird with the result that breeding results are improved even further -  i.e. higher fertility, improved hatchability, increased growth rate of baby birds, earlier weaning and fledging age and greater vitality in the youngsters and their parents.

  2. Secondly, Lecithin is used to control fatty liver disease and high blood cholesterol in susceptible pet birds.


Lecithin is an important source of choline - a B vitamin that is essential for the proper metabolism of fats in the liver. Without choline, fats become trapped in the liver. Lecithin is useful to improve the energy pathways associated with fats and is used in pigeons during the racing season to invigourate the birds prior to a race and to accelerate recovery after a race. Its presence allows pigeons to develop extraordinary levels of fitness achieved from regular 2-3x a week long 120 kilometre tosses without tiring.

Lecithin also enriches the quality of protein and fat helping breeding birds to sustain themselves whilst feeding young.

Turbobooster is used to control fatty liver disease in pet birds , through the significant effects of soy derived lecithin on lowering cholesterol and triglycerides and increasing HDL (i.e. good cholesterol) levels in the blood and organs.

See the visual effects of these food supplements and health additives on your pet bird.

Culture tested and contamination free seed that protects health.

Watch food preparation videos for fruit and seed eating pet birds.

Dr Marshall and Tailai O'Brien have developed a culture tested bean mix for larger parrots to provide them with variety and a low Glycaemic Index (GI) food.

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