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The Pigeon Super Health Products


The health products have been developed to provide race, show and squab meat pigeons with every requirement for good health during the stressful times of breeding, young bird development, moulting and competition.

Dr Marshall has developed the Pigeon Health Products to help the fancier promote and stimulate natural health and in so doing minimise the use of medicines.

There are times when medicines must be used, but the emphasis is on using these medicines wisely. When a minor illness occurs during the off-season, the sick individuals rather than the flock are treated. By doing this, the natural resistance within the flock is protected. However, when there is a more serious illness and during competition (i.e. race, show or performance seasons) the entire flock must be treated in order to prevent the illness from spreading through the flock. A short course of the appropriate medicine is used to quickly eliminate the infectious germs from the loft. This is the best way to cure the illness in the infected individuals and to protect the health and fitness of the remainder of the flock.


A Quick Overview of Dr Rob Marshall's Pigeon Health Products


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The prescription medicines available on consultation.


Bloomford - A mineral, trace element (given on the food) for producing quality feathers.


Cage Cleaner - A pleasant smelling loft cleanser to protect against respiratory disease.


DufoPlus - A potent sugar free multivitamin (given in the water) for top health.


E-Powder - A yeast based energy supplement (given on the food) for energy.


F-vite - A vitamin and mineral used to completely replace grit given every day.


Ioford - An iron, iodine and calcium trace element supplement (given in the water) for vitality.


Key Minerals - A heat sterilised mineral grit.


Megamix - An acid water cleanser for wet weather.


Post-Race Salts - A vitamin and mineral water supplement to energise before and after the race.


Turbo-Booster - A protein, yeast, glucose polymer, garlic and B vitamin oil (given on the food) for silky feathers and endurance.


KD Powder - A multi-purpose water cleanser for good health.

Information on Rollers, Tumblers, High Flyers, as well as health and disease prevention.

Information on fancy pigeons and important aspects of show pigeon health.

The common signs of respiratory disease in racing pigeons and checklist.

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