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Doxycycline 10%

Doxycycline 10%


If you are not a registered client, please phone the clinic on 0298716036 before placing an order. Orders for this product will not be sent unless you are a registered client.


Doxycycline 10% is the first choice medicine to treat and prevent Chlamydia infections. Chlamydia is the most important disease in pigeons as it impacts on all aspects of pigeon keeping. Prevention treatments with Doxycycline and Megamix are given in February or March to the race team (see page 16-17 Orange Pigeon Book for details). The same prevention plan is given to the stock birds for lofts that have experienced infertility during the previous breeding season (see page 94-95). To be fully effective Doxycycline must be given with Megamix. This cocktail is the preferred method for treating and preventing Chlamydia infections in racing pigeons. Megamix promotes the proper absorption of Doxycycline and increases the effectiveness of treatment. Doxycycline is rarely used for poultry.

  • Details

    Antibiotic for respiratory (Chlamydia infections) treatment and prevention. No need to remove grit when combined with Megamix.
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