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E-Powder PLUS

E-Powder PLUS

E-Powder PLUS is a new double strength formulation of the original E-Powder.  A concentrated cultured amino acid and energy yeast by-product used to promote good health and protect birds from the effects of stress. It is a rich source of vitamin B energy enzymes, breeding proteins and immune modulating minerals and provides an energy component to Dr Marshall's ongoing health programmes for birds.

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    When energy needs are at their greatest (during breeding, the moult and for juvenile birds) E-Powder is the ideal product to ensure energy needs are completely met. During these critical times, it is recommended that E-Powder be given every day so that birds are not left susceptible to failing health as a result of depleted energy reserves. Not only does E-Powder protect the health of birds during these critical times, it is also ideal for breeding birds because the enzymatic action of Thiamin and other B vitamins in E-Powder promote rapid growth in chicks and protects parents from the fatigue of feeding. This ensures chicks grow to the full capacity by pushing their energy pathways to their genetic limits.

    E-Powder may be added to the dry or soaked seed and is usually given in combination with Turbobooster and Fvite as part of an ongoing health programme. It is highly palatable and may be given daily as a potent energy source.
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