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KD Powder

KD Powder

Dr Marshall's KD Powder, Acid Water Cleanser, is a multipurpose water cleanser used to promote natural healt. It contains a complex blend of organic acids, hydrogen ions and surfactants that acidify the contents of the crop and help keep the drinking water perfectly clean. It is given in the drinking water for 1 or 2 days each week as part of an ongoing health programme or may be given at the first sign of illness to prevent the progression of illness whilst the exact cause is identified.

Acid Water Cleanser should be immediately added to the drinking water when illness is suspected. At the same time, it should also be used to disinfect the cage or aviary and the water and food containers. The cleansing action of Acid Water Cleanser kills germs in the crop and "self-cleans" the drinking vessels thereby enhancing a bird's ability to repel disease in a purely natural way.
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    When mixed at disinfectant strength, Acid Water Cleanser is a potent but safe cleanser. It should be wiped or sprayed over the cleaned surfaces and feeding utensils to help repel air born infections, especially moulds and bacterial infections.

    Acid Water Cleanser may also be mixed with the bath water in warmer months as a natural insect repellant and feather cleanser, repelling red mite, quill mite, scaly face mite, flies and lice.

    Clean water is the most basic yet critical component of maintaining good health in birds. Dr Rob Marshall's Acid Water Cleanser is ideal for ensuring your bird's water remains sparkling clean and when used as part of an ongoing health programme is the ultimate product to maintain optimal health without the use of medicines.
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