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Post Race Salts

Post Race Salts

To energise before the race, to accelerate recovery after the race and for all birds under stress. For the fastest recovery from strenuous exercise the racing pigeon must replace lost body fluids and normalise blood glucose levels immediately upon return. In order to complete the recovery process, which takes at least 24 hours, the competing pigeon must then be given the opportunity to replenish its depleted energy reserves, recover the vitamin and mineral imbalances and rejuvenate its damaged, tired muscles. The Post-Race salts fulfil the immediate requirements for the returning race pigeon and together with F-vite (acid salts), Bloomford (minerals, salts and trace elements), Turbo-Booster (for muscle and liver repair) and rest, completes the recovery process within 24 hours of return. Full training can then resume within 36 hours of the strenuous bout of exercise. This rapid recovery is not possible when the pigeon receives water and food alone. The Post-Race salts are the first and most important step to the rapid recovery of the pigeon returning from the race. It is a vital part for continuing health during pre-race training and racing. This is a unique formulation developed especially for racing pigeons.

1. Transfer the contents of the sealed package into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.
2. Prepare the Post-Race salts in cold water just prior to the return of the birds. Give 1 teaspoon to 2 litres of water and mix in well. After 5 minutes stir again so that the solution remains free of sediment. The water containers must be protected from direct sunlight.
3. Give Post-Race salts to returning toss birds in pre-race season training and to returning race birds from every race, irrespective of velocity, heat or flying time.
4. Clean container and refill with fresh cool water or with a fresh batch of Post-Race salts after 3 hours in order to prevent bacterial overgrowth.

Ingredients: Glucose, Vitamins A,D,E,B, minerals and salts.
  • Details

    Post-Race salts contain high levels of glucose benefiting the recovery process by providing an immediate supply of energy into the blood stream, as well as making the water highly palatable to the returning pigeon. The immediate intake of water by the returning pigeon is a vital part of the recovery process. The high glucose levels in the Post Race salts entice the returning pigeon to drink to its full, thereby counteracting the effects of dehydration and stimulating the kidney to function to full capacity. The pigeon returning to unpalatable water will not drink to its full, thereby retarding the recovery process by impairing kidney function and muscle healing. The quicker the kidneys remove the toxins (post-race exercise and muscle by-products) from the muscles and body, the sooner the pigeon is able to resume full training. The glucose ensures that the pigeon drinks enough water to stimulate immediate kidney activity plus it acts as a natural diuretic, which helps "detoxify" the body of the harmful post-race muscle and exercise by-products. A very watery second dropping means that the glucose in the Post Race salts has done its job very well. The Post-Race salts must be made fresh in cool water just prior to the return of the race birds and removed or replenished within 3 hours, because glucose in water stimulates bacterial growth and contamination.

    Vitamins and Minerals
    Post-Race salts contains the B-complex group (Stress vitamins), the oil vitamins A,D & E (health and vitality vitamins) and Zinc, Magnesium and Cobalt (Muscle minerals). Together they accelerate the recovery process, rejuvenate the liver and tired muscles and prevent muscle soreness and stiffness.

    Mineral Salts
    The main function of mineral salts for the returning pigeon is to recover the acid levels in the body rather than replace lost salts. For this reason alkaline (sodium bicarbonate) rather than acid salts are used in the water salts. Mineral salts are best given in the dry form.
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