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Quik Gel for Pigeons
  • Quik Gel for Pigeons

     Quik Gel provides an immediate and sustained source of energy to sick birds and is also used during critical times such as breeding. The disinfecting qualities of Quik Gel help protect against the spread of infection.

    Quik Gel is a high energy emergency gel also containing vitamins and disinfecting agents. It is used to accelerate recovery from illness and temporarily prevent an infection from worsening while waiting for the results of culture tests. Very sick birds may need crop needle feeding. Quik Gel is is also used during critical times when an immediate and sustained source of energy is required to maintain a healthy flock. Critical times when the entire flock would benefit from the administration of Quik Gel in the drinking water include: Cold, Hot or Wet Spells, Airsac mites, Egg Binding, Nestling Rejections, Air in the Crop, Outbreak of Disease, Weaning Youngsters and following a course of antibiotics.

    Ingredients:Complex polysaccharides, vitamins A,D,E,B complex & organic acid
    • Details

      Actions: By providing an immediate and sustained energy source, Quik Gel:

      - Rejuvenates tired adult birds during the breeding season.
      - Protects weak youngsters during the weaning period and when entering the young bird flights.
      - Prevents diseases associated with the stress of cold, hot or wet weather.
      - Accelerates recovery following illness by providing easily digested high-energy nutrients swiftly and efficiently to damaged organs and other body tissues.
      - Enhances the overall health of an energy-depleted flock during and following disease outbreaks (e.g. mite infestations, coccidiosis etc.)
      - Improves male mating success and egg fertility during the critical stages of the breeding cycle.
      - Reduces egg binding when cold spells and other stress factors cause tired breeding hens.
      - Used as part of an Emergency First Aid Treatment for sick individual birds.
      - Quik Gel is palatable and readily accepted by all birds
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