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Our staff are compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable, and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible care for our pet bird patients.

Today you will meet bird veterinarian Dr Rob Marshall, head nurse and bird handler Rebecca Smith, and our resident "bird whisperer" animal trainer Tailai O'Brien. Casey Rowe our long time veterinary nurse and hospital manager may also be here to help you.

Together we offer your pet bird the best opportunity to become healthy, happy, and a better companion for you. Our aim is to create good health in your bird as quickly as possible and then maintain and transform your healthy bird into one that is eager to learn.


You will be amazed at the positive changes in the physical appearance and behaviour of your bird that occur within a few weeks of it regaining its true health. In order to protect this newfound health we have developed daily routines and weekly health programmes, each being specifically designed for your particular species of bird.

Our ongoing weekly programmes maintain good health and promote the natural inquisitiveness of birds that is a prerequisite to learning.Our day-to-day routines encourage learning in a natural way and help develop your bird's ability to play, sing or talk in context and communicate with you in a meaningful manner.We believe you and your bird will enjoy the benefits of our committed approach to pet bird stewardship.


We pride ourselves on providing the best possible care for our bird patients.

View a gallery of some of different patients we treat at Carlingford Animal Hospital.

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