At Carlingford Animal Hospital we pride ourselves on providing a very personalised veterinary service for dogs, cats and birds of every description. Please browse through the sections that interest you using the links above and if you have any concerns about the health of your pet, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr Marshall has over 30 years experience treating dogs, cats and birds. He is world renowned as a bird veterinarian and has a passionate interest in many bird species. As part of his commitment to sharing his knowledge, Dr Marshall provides information and services to all clients through his books, publications and on our new online clients only webpage.

At our world class veterinary hospital in Sydney, Australia, we see all kinds of pet birds. For those seeking the very best for their feathered friends, Dr Rob Marshall and bird trainer, Tailai O'brien have developed a daily routine tailor made for each of the many bird species kept as pets. Theirs is a wholistic approach to pet bird stewardship based on Dr Marshall's knowledge of the diet and behaviour of each bird species in the wild. Tailai O'Brien complements this paradigm with a deep understanding of each of the different personalities and preferences of pet bird species in a home setting.

Their structured daily routine is based around meal times and recognises foraging opportunities, food value and ongoing training as the three key factors to maximising your bird's happiness and cognitive intelligence (its ability to speak in context). Please click on the Day to Day Guide to learn more.

Dr Marshall continues to refine his health programmes for flock birds. These programmes provide the very best nutritional balance and promote strong natural resistance allowing birds to thrive and breed prolifically. The exact details of these programmes may be found in the clients only section.