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Canary Varieties


History of the Different Varieties of Canary


The canary is a man made bird that have been developed from over 500 years of selective breeding. The original bird was a Canary Island finch that had a beautiful song. It was the singing ability of the cock birds that first attracted people to this bird. Since then it has become the most popular bird behind only the budgerigar to be kept as a pet. The cock bird sings at its best in the spring time when it is trying to attract a suitable mate. It continuees to sing throughout the year except during its summer moult.

The canaries featured on this page are in breeding condition, but out of show condition. We will update this page with show condition canaries when the season arrives! Thank you to Mr Maurice Hunt and Mr Malcolm Coulston for allowing me to photograph these birds.


Canary Varieties


Australian Plainhead

Border Fancy (1)

Border Fancy (2)

Crested Norwich


Gloster Corona

Norwich Plainhead

Red Factor Lipochrome

Parisene Frill

Red Factor Apricot Cock

Red Factor Copper Cock

Red Factor Mosaic Cock

Red Factor Mosaic Hen

Yorkshire (1)

Yorkshire (2)

Alan Simpson's soft food recipe uses hard boiled eggs, breeding crumbles, and Dr Rob Marshall's health supplements to produce excellent breeding outcomes.

A comprehensive guide to achieving a superior level of health and happiness in both the exhibition and pet canary.

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