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Chinese Silkies


Chinese Silkies are pure breed chickens. We considered Silkies to be the ideal pet chicken. Their life span is up to 10 years and they are remarkably robust, extremely tame, docile, loving and have individual personalities. Because they are a pure bred chickens they are broody and lay eggs during spring and summer. They are less likely to lay eggs during winter or when they are moulting in autumn. Silkies will lay about 90-120 eggs a year. They should receive an ongoing Young Bird Health Programme until they start to lay eggs at 20 weeks of age. After this time they require little care other than the Egg Laying Health Programme.

Most pelleted food is too coarse for Silkies. Instead they should receive chick starter or chick grower, depending on their age. Silkies do best when they are allowed to eat greens (e.g. grasses). Green leafy vegetables (cabbage, endives lettuce etc) should be made available when grass is not available.

Chinese Silkies are our first choice backyard chicken. They are robust, loveable, quiet, lay good quality eggs and make ideal pets.

Our programmes are a simple and effective way to provide your chicken companions with the best possible care.

Click for information regarding our holistic methods for managing chicken diseases.

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