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Health Programmes


Young Bird Programme

The aim of this program is to stimulate natural health and immunity in young birds so that repeat treatments for worms and coccidiosis become unnecessary when the birds reach laying age. A base diet of fresh poultry pellets is made available at all times and each morning, Turbobooster, E Powder and Fvite are given on one cup of sterile seed as a energy, vitamin and mineral booster. Drinking water supplements are given on the appropriate days (Friday - Sunday) and three days (Tuesday - Thursday) have been reserved as optional medication days. On these days, the disease prevention regime for young birds should be followed. During cold spells and periods of rain, Quik Gel is given in the drinking water. This programme continues until young birds have started egg laying or completed their juvenile moult.

Egg Laying Programme


This program should commence when birds are around 5-6 months of age and egg laying has become established. Turbobooster, E Powder and Fvite are given on one cup sterile seed each morning to promote ongoing health and the finest quality eggs. Fresh poultry pellets should also be made available at all times. Dufoplus and Ioford are given for two days each week and Quikgel should be given whenever it rains or during cold spells. The use of KD Powder once a week helps to naturally control disease and is an important part of this programme.

Chinese Silkies are our first choice backyard chicken. They are robust, loveable, quiet, lay good quality eggs and make ideal pets.

Our programmes are a simple and effective way to provide your chicken companions with the best possible care.

Click for information regarding our holistic methods for managing chicken diseases.

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