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Show Poultry


The Show Programme uses high quality supplements and prepares the show bird for exhibition, bringing it into the best physical and mental condition for the show and protecting it from illness following the show. There are two parts to the Show Programme. The Pre-Show Programme prepares the birds for the show. The Show Programme allows the birds to perform to their best on the day of the show.


The Pre-Show Programme


The Pre-Show Programme starts four weeks prior to the first show. It lasts a week and treats the show birds for worms, mites, lice, coccidiosis and when present, "respiratory" illnesses. The "respiratory" treatment is started (when sneezing is heard or eye signs are present) using a four day course of Respiratory treatment. Canker treatment is combined with Respiratory treatment to "cleanse" the pigeons of canker, but is not needed for poultry. These Energy supplement medicines are mixed into the Turbobooster-impregnated food at the rate of 5 grams to 2 kilograms of food.

The Show Programme


The Show Programme immediately follows the Pre-Show Programme and lasts 3 weeks. It uses the very best quality products to prime the birds into top show condition. The programme intensifies the colour and contrast of the feathers. The comb, wattle, cere and feet become covered in a health powder. The plumage glows and develops a lacquer-like shine. The observant fancier will also note the "glass" diamond eyes and small droppings of the birds as they come into top show condition. The show birds are vital and energetic.

Chinese Silkies are our first choice backyard chicken. They are robust, loveable, quiet, lay good quality eggs and make ideal pets.

Our programmes are a simple and effective way to provide your chicken companions with the best possible care.

Click for information regarding our holistic methods for managing chicken diseases.

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