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Health Programmes 


The health programmes described are the result of many years of practical application, research and development by Dr Rob Marshall.

With the help of fanciers who have used these programmes, Dr. Rob has developed a unique system of health management for pigeons. The health programmes emphasise the importance of a strong natural resistance and the early recognition of illness. Outside the race season they concentrate on developing a strong natural resistance to prepare the birds for the stresses of the race season. The race programmes are "high tech" and designed to protect the race team from illness and at the same time bring them into top form on the day of the race. Quite a balancing trick!


The Season to Season Health Programmes to promote perfect health.


  • Pre-Breeding Season Health Programme


  • Breeding Season Health Programme

  • Squeaker Health Programme

  • Young Bird Health Programme

  • Moulting Programme

  • Pre-Race Season Health Programme


All of the programmes for racing pigeons are described in the Clients Only section.

Detailed information regarding the month to month care for the race team and the breeding loft.

Enhances pigeon performance by providing an immediate and sustained energy source.

The behaviour of pigeons as they fly outside the loft tells us a lot about their fitness, health and happiness.

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