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Supercharged Quik Gel


  • Ingredients


  • Actions

  • Dose & Mixing Instructions

  • Rapid Response

  • Directions & Indications
    - Before Exercise
    - After Exercise
    - To Restore Health

    - Via Drinking Water

    - Via Crop Needle as Emergency First Aid

  • During the Race Season

  • During The Breeding Season & Weaning Period

  • Emergency First Aid Treatment Instructions

    - Preparation of Quik Gel & ER Formula




Complex polysaccharides, vitamins A,D,E,B complex & organic acid.





  • Enhances pigeon performance by providing an immediate and sustained energy source.


  • Accelerates recovery following exercise or illness by providing easily digested high-energy nutrients swiftly and efficiently to tired muscles and other body tissues.

  • Used as part of an Emergency First Aid Treatment for sick individual birds.

  • Quik Gel is palatable and readily accepted by pigeons.


Dose & Mixing Instructions


  • Flock treatment in drinking water


  • Dose at 2mls (ask for 2ml spoon) into 1 litre of drinking water.

  • Add Gel to empty water container then fill using water hose to dissolve Gel.

  • Thoroughly clean water container after each day of use.

  • Individual bird treatment.

  • Mix 1 drop of Gel into 20mls of heated ER formula then administer via crop needle.


Rapid Response


There is a rapid response (within a few hours) to Quik Gel, which is noticeable by an increased activity inside and outside the loft.

Within 12 hours there is a marked increased activity of the birds inside the loft. The droppings improve and down feathers more prevalent. The neck sheen is perhaps the most noticeable rapid change as it develops an obvious sheen and lustre within a day of treatment. The flock becomes calmer but shows an increased vigour with many birds "wing flapping" on the loft floor.

Loft flying activity is markedly improved also within 12 hours of receiving Quik Gel with a markedly increased wing speed, ranging and tumbling activity being the most obvious changes seen.


Directions & Indications


  • Before Exercise


  • After Exercise

  • To Improve Loft Flying Intensity

  • To Restore Health

  • Via Drinking Water

  • Via Crop Needle as Emergency First Aid


Before Exercise


Quik Gel is mixed into the drinking water a day prior to the race, training toss or high-flying competition. Its actions:


  • Enhances Performance by Protecting Against Fatigue

    The complex polysaccharides in Quik Gel saturate liver and muscle glycogen energy reserves, which improve the endurance capabilities of competing pigeons by prolonging their ability to race at top speed without fatigue.


  • Protects Against Dehydration

    The combination of complex polysaccharides and vitamins help protect birds from the effects of heat stress that may occur during transportation or flying.


After Exercise


Following strenuous exercise, Quik-Gel is mixed together with Post-Race Salts in cool drinking water. This treatment:


  • Accelerates Recovery

    The combined effects of Quik Gel & Post-Race Salts quickly reverse tiredness, sore muscles and dehydration. The complex polysaccharides in Quik gel and mineral salts/dextrose present in Post-Race Salts maintain prompt digestion so that nutrients are transported swiftly and efficiently to tired muscles. This action promotes rapid muscle healing, prevents muscle stiffness and allows for an early return to normal loft flying and training routine.


  • Protects Against Transporter Diseases

    The organic acids & vitamins in Quik Gel quickly restore top health by establishing acidic conditions that prevent stress-related infections of the mouth, throat and crop from becoming established.


To Improve Loft Flying Intensity


Quik Gel is used to improve loft-flying intensity in healthy flocks.

  • Quik Gel is given in the drinking water and Turbobooster & E-powder mixed into the food at the first signs of a drop in loft flying intensity or when the birds begin to "float", rather than fly with vigour, towards the end of their normal loft flying routine. This type of loft flying behaviour indicates the pigeons are lacking energy, the cause(s) of which may include cold temperatures and excessive moisture during the night or a food mix, which has a low energy content.


To Restore Health


  • Quik Gel is mixed together with Megamix (10mls/litre) and Turbobooster & E-powder is mixed into the food at the first signs of tiredness associated with cold or hot weather, hawk stress, poor loft flying intensity or sluggish training toss behaviour to rejuvenate and rapidly return a flock to healthy tightly-formed droppings.


  • Quik Gel may also be administered by crop needle as part of an Emergency First Aid Formula or added to the drinking water to aid the recovery of individual birds or breeding pairs that are sick, tired, injured or following antibiotic treatments.


Via Drinking Water


Dose: 2ml Quik Gel (via a spoon) mixed into one litre of water.


  • Accelerates recovery after strenuous exercise from a race or training toss.


  • Improves loft-flying intensity when flying activity has become lazy. This finding may indicate tiredness from overtraining or the start of a disease. It may also be the result of "heavy air" flying conditions as a result of high humidity, heat, rain or overcast, dull weather. At this time, Quik Gel is mixed with Megamix (10mls/litre) for one day with the drinking water being topped up the following day. A positive response to this treatment means the lack of activity is related to tiredness and not an illness.

  • Invigorates race birds prior to a difficult race when bad weather or transporter conditions (e.g. a holdover) are likely. At this time Quik Gel is mixed together with Ioford and Megamix the day of basketting.

  • Rejuvenates tired breeding pairs and birds recovering from illness. An increased activity will be visible by the afternoon following Quik Gel treatment.

  • Restores energy levels and normal gut flora following a course of antibiotics. Quik Gel mixed into the drinking water with Megamix (10mls/litre) for 2 days restores energy levels and promotes a more rapid return to fitness following an illness and antibiotic treatment.

  • Stimulates appetite and initiates recovery following any physical stress. For example, with cold stress, Quik Gel mixed into the drinking water with Megamix (10mls/litre) is used to maintain fitness and form when temperatures fall below 10°C. Under these circumstances, Quik Gel/Megamix cocktail is given fresh for the first day in the drinking water then topped up the following day.


Via Crop Needle


Dose: 1 drop Quik Gel into 20ml ER formula.


As an emergency first aid treatment for the following conditions, Quik Gel is mixed with ER formula and given by crop needle (12G 3inch long crop needle is best) as part of Emergency First Aid Treatment. Administer 20 mls of Emergency formula (1 drop Quik Gel into 20ml ER formula) twice daily until the bird is eating and drinking well. This treatment is recommended for pigeons with:


  • Severe dehydration following extreme physical exertion or heat stress.


  • Shock and injury from hawks.

  • Sour crop associated with eating contaminated foodstuffs or internal canker abscesses.

  • Blocked gizzard associated with over-engorging on sand, soil, stones or grit.

  • Fevers during diseases such as Circovirus or when poisoning (e.g. chokos, blue night shade plants, insecticide or Emtryl overdose) cause a loss of appetite.

  • Egg binding episodes.

  • Sudden onset "Going light" of any cause.


During the Race Season


During the race season Quik Gel provides an immediate source of energy and nutrients in order to promote a rapid recovery from strenuous exercise. It is used to re-energise tired flocks during a heavy training schedule, to accelerate recovery from a race and protect healthy fit birds from transporter disease. A rapid recovery is important for the race team to resume their full training routine as quickly as possible so that they can then achieve an even higher level of fitness in readiness for the next race.

Quik Gel is a multi-purpose energy gel used to accelerate recovery following a strenuous training session or hard race. When used in this way it is usually mixed with Post Race Salts. It may also be used to energise the birds prior to the race to ensure they race to their full potential as Quik Gel has a sustained energy release lasting 36 hours. The droppings following this treatment will quickly return to a healthy firm consistency, thereby quickly reversing the harmful effects of dehydration.

Quik Gel may be administered on its own or mixed with any other products including antibiotics and water cleansers (except KD). Megamix may be mixed with Quik Gel to help prevent watery droppings on basket day. For example, Quik Gel is often added to the pre-race cocktail Ioford-Megamix when hot weather or difficult weather conditions on race day or a hold-over is expected.


During the Breeding Season & Weaning Period


Energy requirements are significantly higher during the breeding season when parents are feeding their young. Quik Gel provides breeding pairs with a plentiful supply of energy so that they remain vital throughout the entire breeding season. This ensures the babies are fed well and do no experience any physical setbacks.

Quik Gel is used as a rich source of energy and vitamins when cold July temperatures may interrupt an early start to breeding and result in a high degree off infertile and dead in shell eggs.

Quik Gel is also particularly useful for one day a week during the second and third round when energy levels of parents begin to wane. Quik-Gel should be given in the drinking water to support the weaning process for one or two days when the youngsters are moved from their parents across into the race loft. The high-energy content of Quik Gel stimulates appetite, which promotes a rapid weaning process. Its stress relieving and disinfectant properties protect the youngsters from disease.


Emergency First Aid Treatment Instructions


In emergency situations, the immediate needs of a sick pigeon are supported by providing heat and administering Quik Gel directly by mouth or via crop needle mixed with ER formula. An emergency is recognised when a pigeon stops eating, is listless, or remains fluffed up on the loft floor.

Quik Gel can be administered in a number of ways. When birds are critically ill, it is best given with ER Formula via a crop needle (see below). Feeding using a crop needle is a process that must be learnt. Once this skill has been developed and when administered at the first signs of illness many sick birds can be saved. If a crop needle is unavailable, Quik Gel may also be given by mouth directly from a syringe.

As very sick birds are unable to produce their own body heat, an additional source of heat such as a hot water bottle or heat lamp must also be provided. As the bird recovers and is no longer in a critical state, it is important to determine the exact cause of illness and begin with an appropriate treatment. Once the sick bird is eating and drinking by itself, Quik Gel should continue to be given in the drinking water for 5 days to complete a full recovery.


Preparation of Quik Gel & ER formula for Crop Feeding


Place a tablespoon of ER powder in a cup then whilst adding 25mls of hot water (35ºC) in small amounts mix it continuously until a smooth cream-like solution is created. Maintain the heat of this liquid formula by using a hot water bath. Then mix one drop of Quik Gel into the formula and immediately draw up 20mls into a crop needle and warmed syringe then administer to the sick bird. Repeat this process 2-3 x each day until the sick bird is active and again eating. For crop and gizzards blockages continue this treatment twice daily for 3 days. For egg binding add 2ml Hical to this mixture and continue this treatment twice daily for 3 days.

Detailed information regarding the month to month care for the race team and the breeding loft.

Enhances pigeon performance by providing an immediate and sustained energy source.

The behaviour of pigeons as they fly outside the loft tells us a lot about their fitness, health and happiness.

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